International Martial Arts Hall of Fame


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TCFE European 2002 - Irish Team

Niall Keane, Gary Hodgins, Ha Nquyen, Paul Mitchel, Shane McLoughlin

British Open / UK Kuoshu Championships 2010 - Wudang Sanshou Team

Vytautas Vysniauskas, Declan Gannon, Niall Keane, Wayne Marshall, Karl Kidd


British Open 2012 - UCD Wudang Sanshou / Practical Tai Chi Chuan Team

Garry Holmes, Neil Mannion, Oisin O'Coighligh, Niall Keane, Mark Crowe (of Wexford PTTCI)

Niall Keane

Fight Record: 78:9

Danish open 2000 - Tui Shou (Moving -90kg) : Silver

Intervarsities 2001 - Tui Shou (Moving Open) : Gold

                                - Tui Shou (Fixed Open) : Gold

Danish Open 2002 - Tui Shou (Moving -90kg) : Gold

                                - Tui Shou (Restricted -90kg) : Silver

British Open 2002 - San Shou (-85kg) : Winner

Fightzone 2002 International Pro San Shou (-95kg) : Runner up

TCFE European 2002 - Tui Shou (Fixed -90kg) : Silver

                                      - Tui Shou (Restricted -90kg) : Bronze

                                      - Tui Shou (Moving -90kg) : Bronze

British Open 2003 - San Shou (-87kg) : Winner

BCCMA Southern Championships 2004 - San Shou (-85kg) : Silver

BCCMA Southern Championships 2005 - San Shou (Open) : Silver

IMAF & PWKA World Championships 4-5-6 Dec 2005 - Pro San Da (-85kg) : 4th 

Declan Gannon


Fight Record: 25:11

2010 Ranked 2nd in PWKA semi-pro Sanda League

2010 Spanish Fight Night: winner

2010 British Open / UK Koushu Championships (Koushu -75kg): Silver

2009: ranked 4th in PWKA semi-pro Sanda League 

2009 ICBA Nationals (San Shou -75kg) silver

2009 Spanish Open Euro Sanda League (San Shou -75kg) gold

2009 West Coast Open ICBA (San Shou -75kg) gold

2009 East Coast Open ICBA (San Shou -80kg) gold

2009 British Nationals BCCMA (San Shou -75kg) Silver

2009 British Open / Koushu Championships (Koushu -75kg) Winner 

2009 PWKA European (San Shou Semi-Pro -75kg) - Runner Up 

2008 British Nationals BCCMA (San Shou -80kg) Gold

2007 British Open (San Shou -80kg) Winner

Karl Kidd

Fight Record: 6:2

2010 British Open / UK Koushu Championships (Koushu -65kg): Gold

2009 East Coast Open ICBA (Sanshou -65kg) gold

BCCMA Nationals 2008  (San Shou-60kg) Silver

Daren Lowry

Fight Record: 2:2

2009 ICBA Nationals (sanshou -70kg) 4th

2009 East Coast Open ICBA (sanshou -70kg) silver

Wayne Marshall

Fight Record: 1:0

2010 British Open / UK Koushu Championships (koushu -80kg): Winner

Vytautas Vysniauskas

Fight Record: 2:1

2010 British Open  / UK Koushu Championships (Tui Shou Moving -80kg) Bronze

Oisin O'Coighligh

2012 British Open (Tui Shou Moving -85kg) - Gold

Neil Mannion

2012 British Open (Tui Shou Moving -65kg) - Gold

Marc Crowe

2015: TCFE Europeans, -90kg Tuishou (Moving freestyle): Gold
                                           Open weight Tuishou (Moving restricted): bronze
(Freestyle allows for full range of sweeps and throws, restricted is limited to above the waist 
And no throws or sweeps) one may infer correctly that freestyle celebrates skill and restricted favours weight ;-)

2014: British Open, Heavy Weight Tui Shou (Moving): Silver
2014: ICBA Open Weight Tui Shou (Moving) - 3 Golds in League, - Irish National Champion