Wudang Sanshou Coach Levels:


Level 1 (Jing – essence) Apprentice:

Basic Stances, understanding Focus and the Six Harmonies, Four Directions Tui Shou with applications, Single Hand Tui Shou, Seven Star Guard, Rolling Thunder Palm,  5 x Shuai Jiao Applications, all conditioning bag drills, 1 to 20 to 1 Rolls, One Minute Hand Stand

Level 2 (Ming - comprehension) Assistant:

Seven Star Tui Shou, Reeling Silk Tui Shou, Fu Yang Tui Shou, Gyrating Arms Sanshou, Stroke the Lute Drill, 5 Element Fist Sanshou drill, Embrace Tiger’s head, 3 x 80 Rolls, Two Minute Hand Stand, Moving Step Tui Shou, 5 x Chin Na Applications, 5 x Die Pu Applications,  Basic Qigong (Embrace Tiger’s Head, Retrieving Moon from the Sea, single Sweep Lotus Leg, Cloud Hands, passing the water cup, tiger stretches)

Level 3 (Zhi - judicious):

Long Form, Da Lu Tui Shou, Jow Lu Tui Shou, Fixed Step and Restricted Step Tui Shou, 5 Dim Mak Applications, One Minute Hand Stand on Fists, 13 Tactics.

Level 4 (Hui – vitality):

Spear Form, Yin Nei Gung, All Sanshou Techniques, All Tui Shou Drills and training methods, Two Minute Hand Stand on Fists

Level 5 (Qian – humility):

Sabre Form, Two Person Set (sabre and spear / sabre), 5 Tai Chi Classics, 5 x Tui Shou or 3 x Sanshou fights

Level 6 (Xu – void):

Sword Form, Yang Nei Gung, Fei Hua Zhang, Six Secret Words,

Level 7 (Ren – fortitude):

All 13 tactics for each of the weapons, Internalised Neigung training, demonstrating understanding of such, Won an International level Sanshou Tournament or similar approved. Six Paths and Ten Tapestries.

Level 8 (Rang – oral):

Knowledge of Complete System (including history), Extensive research, communicating the art effectively to others, positively impacting on public awareness of true Tai Chi Chuan

Level 9 (Yu - the fool):

Having Contributed to the development of the art, Demonstrating a true transmission (successful students)



Coaches level 1-2 are qualified to assist in training under a qualified Level 7+ Coach

Coaches level 3-6 are qualified to give classes without supervision on approval from a Level 7+ Coach

Coaches level 7 and above have mastered the art, and are therefore qualified to run their own gym

Coaches Level 9 may have students baishi directly under them and are deemed qualified to pass on the zhen chuan (true transmission) of the inner-art.