Having traveled west, to the foot of the Maunturk mountains, I no longer host public classes.

Privates are available. Contact me on sanshou.eire@gmail.com to discuss. €100 / hr for a once off. This type of session would only really be useful to very experienced martial artists. (there's no point paying €100/hr for basics that many are competent enough to teach to a reasonable standard.) Expect a lesson to last beyond the hour though, time is not my focus, achieving results is!

I have on occasion taught people who have traveled to Ireland to train with me, some had backgrounds in Nei Jia Styles, others in various martial arts, all were reasonably competent and sought to improve on a reasonable foundation. For such people who trained with me several times a week, a rate was agreed that was fair to me and that they could afford. Most needed to work to cover their own food and accommodation etc. (I haven't really considered going all Disneyworld on it, with some daoist retreat package and so regrettably cannot offer room and board, although in this part of South West Mayo / North West Galway accommodation and food is reasonable.) Normally with such students I test them out and we focus on "game-changing" methods tailored for them from Nei Jia methods and the associated drills and conditioning. I have done camps with combat sports athletes, these are intense and last 3-4.5 months. Expect to train every day, and several times a day, and expect "homework" that demands self-motivation during that time that I wont babysit, and without which you are wasting your time.

Finally, I have always sought to facilitate those who wish to learn but financial disadvantage prevents them. This would apply to those in the local area. One must be robust to learn any real martial arts, so at least 12 years old usually, but don't be put off either by age, I have trained lads in their mid forties, without previous experience, to be European champs. There is no perfect age, a youth may excel at speed and flexibility and the unorthodox techniques such ability allows, but a middle aged person will have a deeper understanding of deceit, and trickery and learn more quickly such tactic s and strategies. It all evens out.... as my mid 40's student proved!  Partly my training, partly their ambition and commitment! Anyone under 18 must have written parental permission before commencing practice and all need to be insured, usually about €35 a year. This type of "programme" will involve the traditional (longer and more complete) approach. Bring a friend to train with, as an old-hand like me at over 100Kg and plenty of experience cannot be a useful sparring partner to an inexperienced beginner or a much lighter teenager. ( I wish to teach you everything I know, and you will have your ideas too, and so should end up better then me, I will not hamper that ambition through fostering the expectation of constant defeat by a temporarily much more experienced practitioner!)  I am interested in coaching you real martial arts, not being the typical karatekid glorified child-minder or a "Life-coach". Contact me, and we can discuss...

Over all as one can see, I'm not too concerned with roping in students or "growing" a business, I already have one in architecture. The martial art I practice is extremely effective, as evidenced through the years and centuries, and far beyond a craft or even science, it is an "art". As such it specializes in dealing with those who are stronger, faster, younger, fitter than us, its a life-long asset. Perhaps its just martial "tricks"? strategy and tactics hardwired through specialized drills that enable us to deal with superior speed, strength and skill? But isn't that the point of a martial art? Conditioning is not a sideline issue, but neither is such martial fitness the sole drive of the art, unlike so many others. As the classics state:

 Other schools of martial arts are so numerous
Although there are external differences,
Without exception, they amount to nothing more than the strong bullying the weak;
The slow surrendering to the fast;
The powerful beating those without power;
Slow hands surrendering to fast hands.
This is entirely due to innate ability
It is not related to trained ability at all.

the skill to understand this and apply it is developed through the system that has been developing for 800 years, through the lens of the acknowledged and proven greatest Gung Fu fighters of their time. (see lineage page)

My purpose is to keep the art alive, pass it on, fulfilling part of my vow when I became a disciple in the art. My own Sifu once told me: "there are only ever a handful of (Nei Jia Chuan Gung Fu) fighters in any generation", he spoke the truth. Now I realize it means true skill is rare, and we must always seek to keep the art alive.

Today it seems more difficult at times, there exist "Tai Chi" schools on every corner, but what they teach is to the Gung Fu of Tai Chi Chuan what desperate housewives practicing boxercise is to Mike Tyson's boxing....And this is a fair comparison, and should be noted by the future student, the public perception of tai chi chuan is really just boxercise, a single drill, a form, like skipping is to boxing! Expect the demands in time and effort of a professional boxer when seeking to learn real gung fu! after all ... its the direct translation.... Gung Fu means Time and Effort.


Niall Keane                                 M: 086-1970774

Irish President of Professional WuShu Kungfu Association (PWKA)

International Liaison Officer for the Irish Chinese Boxing Association (ICBA)

Qualified Practical Tai Chi Chuan Instructor: http://www.taichichuan.co.uk/database/database.html

Certified International San Shou / Sanda Coach:

with a long record of winning open international competitions in both Chinese Wrestling and San shou / Sanda, and having trained others to also become international champions in such diciplines. see "Results" page.